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News from: AWA, Baggage Direct, Dunsirn, Raflatac, Sofacap, Sony Chemicals Corp. of America, and W/S Packaging Group, (Wisconsin Label/Superior Label).

Wide-Ranging European Converter Keeps on Moving

Spain's flexible packaging market is booming, and Enplater S.A. is right there among the leaders.

Pilot Coating Line Aids Both R&D and Production

When MSC Specialty Films found its Faustel coating lines working overtime on R&D runs, it called on Faustel again, this time for a pilot-sized model.

Coating Tech Center Is a Dream Come True

For more than ten years, Jerry Forbes dreamed of opening a technology center dedicated to the "experimentation, development, and optimization" of web

Develop New Products with the Aid of a Pilot Line/Lab

Our updated guide to facilities that offer pilot lines and research equipment provides information that can help you better serve your customers—and maybe even enter new markets.

The Digital Advantage... More Than Just Printing

This year you've heard the term "digital" all over the industry, usually in regard to printing. But digital drops in on other converting areas as well.

Digital News for the Converting Industry

News from: AB Dick, Agfa, Collabria, CreoScitex, DAX, GretagMacbeth, Mitsui & Co., NPES, PGI, PIA, Presstek, Purup-Eskofot, Schawk, Xeikon, and X-Rite.

Digital Products for the Converting Industry

New digital products from: ALE, Barco, BST Pro Mark, Electro-Tech Systems, Heidelberg, HP Indigo, Imation, Kernco, MacDermid, PGI, Presstek, RDP Marathon, Screen, Xeikon, and X-Rite.

Conference Features New Networking Opportunity

The Polymers, Laminations and Coatings Conference held at the Westin Michigan Avenue Hotel on August 27-31, 2000, offered a PLC Salsa Celebration in the

Temperature Switchable Membranes for Packaging Fresh Produce

Application: Temperature switchable membranes using a side chain crystallizable polymer have use in packaging fresh produce to create and maintain the specific atmospheres required to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables even with moderate temperature abuse.

UV Protection of Hot Melt Adhesives for Packaging Applications

Application: Light stabilizers can improve the resistance of hot melt adhesives to UV light induced degradation in packaging applications.

Roll Cleaning Systems: Taking Advantage of Technology

Is your operation's roll cleaning system like the "dishwasher" my family used to have when I was a kid? When asked if we had one, my mother would reply

Directory of Pilot Lines/Labs A-L

Guide to facilities that offer pilot lines and research equipment, A thru L: Acumeter, Akron Coating, B.F. Perkins, Black Clawson, Brampton, ChemDevelopment, Chemair/Polytech Labs, Converting Machinery Technologies, Dummore, Enercon, Euclid Tool/Machine, Fronter Industrial, Faustel, General Forumlations, Geometric, Glenro, Holyoke, KAPCO, Killion Lab (Davis-Standard), Kroenert, Labelon, and Lamart.

Directory of Pilot Lines/Labs M-Z

Pilot lines and research equipment facilities guide, M thru Z: May Coating, Megtec, Microseal, Mylan Technologies, New Era Converting Machinery, Pillar, Polymer Science, Polytype America, Polytech North America, Print/Con-Printing and Converting Research Center, Tekmatex Inc., Texmac Inc., UCB Chemicals Corp., Viscor, and Yasui Seiki (USA).

What Do Global Temps, Unemployment Share?

What do global temperatures (coupled with the greenhouse effect) have in common with the declining number of workers available to fill vacant jobs? Nothingon

Corona Treaters Adapt to Converting Processes

Conductive or nonconductive? That is the question, and it's the premiere question when it comes to choosing a corona treater, says Ron Seaman, VP, Corotec

International Converting Industry News

News from: Akzo Nobel Inks, AVT, Collano, Elopak, NPES, Plastics and Rubber Machinery Assn. of VDMA, Polytech, Sappi Novobord, Shanghai Printing Group, and TrendWatch.

Converting Industry News

News from: Air Products and Chemicals, APC, Ashland Specialty Chemical, BASF, CHA Industries, Chromas, Cham Paper, Coast Controls, Daetwyler, Dienes, Harper Corp., HDFC, MagneTek, Mebane Pkg., National Starch, Newark Group, NPA, NPES, Plystar, Scholle, SFA, Smurfit-Stone, Socopac, Top Tier, UCB, Westvaco, W.R. Grace, and Yasui Seiki USA.

Protecting Your Company with Restrictive Covenants

Losing a valued employee to a competitor, along with proprietary and confidential information and possibly other employees that person may recruit, is a problem that many employers face in today's robust job market.

Battle of the Materials Is on for Blister Packaging Market

Long dominated by PVC, the bottom web market for pharmaceutical blister packs now is facing increased competition from a variety of new materials. Although

Estimating the Drying Rate of Flexo Ink in the Laboratory

One reason the drying rate of flexo inks has become an important subject is the general trend toward the use of thinner ink films. In the narrow web sector,

A Glossary of Descriptive TermsSecond Installment

Bill Hawkins continues his glossary of web handling terms for readers who are new to the industry and for those who are not new but have questions about different versions of these terms.


New materials from: API Foils, Chris Craft Industrial Products, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Cognis Coatings & Inks, Eastman Chemical, Klockner Capital Corp., Kraton Polymers, and Menges Roller Co.

Reporter Clips

News from: Automatan, AWA Alexander Watson Assoc., Buckley Graphics, Comco Intl., Custom Tape & Label, De La Rue Holographics, Fusion UV Systems, Harper Corp., Kraton Polymers, LG Intl., Scapa Tapes North America, Seal-It, and Web Label Ltd.

Presses and People Make a Powerful Combination

Doing what it says "no one else can do" is the stock in trade of Los Angeles Label Co. Helping the cause are Webtron presses and some well-trained employees.

What's New in Narrow Web

New products from: Akzo Nobel, Dover Flexo Electronics, Doyen Medipharm, Enercon Industries, GSE Dispensing, Halm Industries, Raflatac, Sonic Solutions, Tantec, Water Ink Technologies, and Weber Marking Systems.

Takin' Care of Business: How the Industry Does It

Success, we know, requires good equipment and good employees, but finding and keeping the latter is a challenge for employers today. The industry and

Customer Satisfaction Begins and Ends with Quality

Corrugated Paper Products invests in new equipment and additives from National Starch and Chemical Co. in order to assure quick delivery as well as top quality products.

New Packaging Technology Will Star at Pack Expo

Packaging and processing innovations will coexist harmoniously at Pack Expo 2000 and its companion event, the International Exposition for Food Processors.

Technology Puts Converter "In-Line" for More Success

Phoenix Packaging, which made its name with in-line technology for producing popcorn bags, is taking its innovative ways into other areas.

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