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The Label Co. Serves with Printcafe

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA—Printcafe Software Inc. reports that The Label Co., St. Louis, MO, is using its PSI Flexo print-management system to "better serve [The Label Company's] customers."

According to Printcafe, The Label Co. (a 20-year-old manufacturer acquired by the Nashua Corporation in February 2003) produces pressure-sensitive materials such as scale and point-of-sale labels. States Printcafe's press release: "Customer service manager Teri Steiner says the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction, such as meeting 99.9 percent of its shipping deadlines. Printcafe's PSI Flexo system has helped The Label Company fulfill that mission."

Printcafe says its PSI Flexo system is "one of the only management solutions available that uniquely meets the needs of label and flexo printers." Adds the mfr., "PSI Flexo allows users to estimate jobs the way they would plan them. Based on history and operation standards, this enables more accurate pricing, and more accurate delivery-date estimates. PSI Flexo has several modules, all of which are integrated, enabling the flow of information through the system, alerting everyone of changes to the job."

Steiner says The Label Co. uses PSI Flexo for "everthing—estimating, quoting, invoicing, purchase orders, job planning, capturing material costs." She adds, "We customize our reports so we can see the information that we need to see."

Learn more about Printcafe's PSI Flexo at printcafe.com.

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