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PAPER, FILM & FOIL CONVERTER (PFFC) COVERS EVERY PART OF THE CONVERTING AND PACKAGE PRINTING INDUSTRY! PFFC is a monthly print & digital publication AND an all-electronic, on-demand, 24/7 resource in which recognized experts and experienced staff assist converters around the world to become more efficient and profitable in their manufacturing and business practices. Subscribers to our E-Clips e-newsletter receive weekly updates covering newsworthy information on technology, products and services, and marketing and management trends.

Since 1927, PFFC has provided an unbiased perspective on the business trends and technical innovations shaping the converting industry. In 2018, PFFC became a property of RDG Media, Inc., which is led by publishing veteran Randy Green.

With a global perspective and commitment to editorial quality, no other resource covers the converting and package printing market with the same expertise and analysis as PFFC.

Leaders in Converting Launches January 2022

Thought Leadership Integrated Program - Year-Round Exposure

PFFC is doing something very unique and exciting launching in our January issue for you! You have a chance to participate from the beginning of 2022 for year-round exposure with the print and digital components of this program.

We have created a special package and section in our January issue called “LEADERS IN CONVERTING.”  You receive year-round coverage with a mix of print, video exposure, and an enhanced Buyer’s Guide profile - all for a great bundled price. You will reach 10,000 print subs, 20,000 digital subs with your ad and LEADERS IN CONVERTING STORY plus tens of thousands of visitors to our website during the year to see your video and online profile.

Be part of our LEADERS IN CONVERTING, our signature supplier branding program. Don’t miss this opportunity to position your company as a leader to all types of converters when they are searching for solution providers. This supplier branding program begins with January Web and print exposure. Included in this program are the following:

• Full or Half page ad in January
• Full or Half page company Leadership Profile
• TWO dedicated eblasts including your Leadership Profile & video
• Your Leadership Profile featured in one E-Clips enewsletter
• Your video featured in one E-Clips enewsletter
• Leadership Profile, video & company name posted on PFFC’s website

The How-To-Guide - November

Establish yourself as a thought leader and converting or package printing expert. Share your tips, wisdom, what makes your organization an expert with the ability to convert or print more efficient, more costeffective, faster, or better in some way. Your two-page-spread will come with these benefits:

• You can decide if you want to supply a 2-page advertorial spread or a 1-page advertorial and 1-page display ad;
• This Guide will live on our website and emailed out 2x in the next twelve months.

Showcase your upcoming exhibits with an Exhibitor Sneak Peek package posted on PFFC’s Conference Corner and promoted throughout year-long online, in enewsletters and eblasts. Exhibitor Sneak Peeks are housed in PFFC’s Conference Corner. This popular section of our website is accessible on our homepage, and promoted regularly in enewsletters & eblasts throughout the year.

Exhibitor Sneak Peek packages are live for 12 months and materials can be updated any time:

BASIC: $500
Include videos & product images
• Company description
• Articles, press releases, case studies, catalogs or other content
• Announce up to 3 conferences where you plan to exhibit

Includes BASIC Package +
• Your Exhibitor Sneak Peek included in eblast to 10k

Includes COMPETITIVE Package +
• Exclusive eblast of your equipment or products in the month of your choice
• Feature your video on PFFC’s website in premium position on homepage- one month
• Post your Banner ad on PFFC’s website 3 months
• Feature your Exhibitor Sneak Peek in TWO E-Clips eNewsletters

Video Thought Leadership Interview

Here is how this works, the process is simple:
• Start thinking about your next thought leadership interview.
• Consult with your salesperson on a topic, date and time.
• Receive 5-6 questions from our editor to get you thinking about the interview.
• Have our editor record and edit the interview.
• View your video for further edit requests and/or approvals.

How is a thought leadership video interview beneficial to you?

You can use the final video in any/all of these ways:

• Use it as a sales tool, for your social media content, house on your site, etc.
• Ask us how we can set up an eBlast to send out to tens of thousands of people.
• Let us post your video on our social media platforms
• Have your video promoted in our enewsletters.
• Web ads can be created for our site to promote this video.
• Have your interview translated into a 1-2 page story to appear in an upcoming print and digital issue.

New Product Launch?

Hit your target market hard using our multi-media tools with this New Product Launch Package:
• Print ad in the issue before (get people interested) and the month of the launch;
• Product of the Month call-out on the website for 60-90 days;
• Product of the Month call-out in our enewsletters in the months you are launching;
• Product eblast consisting of multiple product images, applications for each, 50-60 words of each; and
• Q&A with our editor on why you launched these products, applications, and things you want the market to know. The Q & A appears in our magazine and is eblasted out with ads/ videos from your company.

Buyers Guide


• Includes Company name, city, state, phone, URL
• Listed in up to 5 categories

BASIC LISTING (Online & Print)

Total: $50 for 12 months
• Includes Company name, city, state, phone, URL in print & online
• Listed in up to 5 categories in print & online


Total: $300 for 12 month package
• Increase SEO with link on the PFFC site linking to your website
• Listed in up to 10 categories in print & online
• Logo in print & digital edition of August Annual Buyers Guide issue
• Includes Company name, city, state, phone, URL
Click to View Sample

PREMIUM LISTING (Online & Print)

Total: $700 for 12 month package
• Priority Search Results (Company Name towards Top of Page 1 Category Results for ALL Categories)
 Increase SEO with link on the PFFC site linking to your website
 Logo and Company Profile, up to 150 words, on Company Page online
 Logo in print & digital buyers guide issue in company contact information section (unless otherwise specified)
 Additional Information Tabs (product lines, distributors, locations, manufacturer reps, and territories)
 Unlimited Category Selections in print & online
 Includes Company name, city, state, phone, URL
Click to View Sample


Total: $1000 for 12 month package
• Highest Priority Search Results (Logo and Company Name appear AT Top of Page 1 for ALL Category Search Results)
 Increase SEO with link on the PFFC site linking to your website
 TWO logos in print & digital buyers guide (company info section & adjacent one category listing)
 Logo and Company Profile, up to 300 words, on Company Page online
 Every quarter, Your Company, Logo and Company Profile intro listed as a “Featured Company” in our E-Clips e-newsletter (mailed to 12,000 readers)
 2 product images housed on Company Page
 2 spec sheets housed on Company Page
 Full Media Package: Exclusive Video Players with two videos on Company Page and Links to Product Pages on your website
 Boldface listing in print Buyers Guide (August issue of PFFC)
 Additional Information Tabs (product lines, distributors, locations, manufacturer reps, and territories)
 Unlimited Category Selections in print & online
 Includes Company name, city, state, phone, URL
Click to View Sample


• Logo in product categories or Alpha section by Company Name - $195 (each add’l one is $75)
 2” mini-ad in product categories - $225 (each add’l one is $175)
 3” mini-ad in product categories - $300 (each add’l one is $250)
Click to View Logo Sample
Click to View Mini Ad Samples


Aside from our Buyers Guide Directory, PFFC-online also has FOUR additional Contract Service Directories where your company can be listed and associated with specific converting services.  Once you have completed your PFFC Buyers Guide Listings, check out even more specific directories that may apply.   Basic listings are FREE. STAND OUT with an upgrade option below:

1. Coating & Laminating
2. Contract Converting Services
3. Contract Slitting
4. Lab/Pilot/Technical Facilities


• Logo listing: Company Logo, Live E-mail Address Link, Live Website Link, and Live Company PFFC Buyers’ Guide Link for $300 Total OR $50/monthly for 12 months.
 Bundle Listing: All of the above in up to four PFFC Directories at only $840 Total OR $70/monthly for 12 months.
 Service Directory Ownership: Own a special directory with your banner ads appearing at the top & bottom of a directory page.

2022 Editorial Calendar & Advertising Opportunities


Focused eNewsletter Topics

Align your company by being a sponsor of our various eNewsletter topics throughout the year.

January — Bags & Pouches
February — Slitting & Rewinding
March — Coating, Laminating & Metalizing
April — Flexo Printing
May — Quality Control & Testing
June — Flexible Packaging

July — Web Guiding & Tension Control
August — Films & Adhesives
September — Contract Converting Equipment
October — Coating & Laminating
November — Surface Treating
December — Paperboard Packaging


Identify and capture the attention of subscribers who need your products and services and drive traffic to your website with a targeted message in this newsletter that reaches 12,000 subscribers. E-Clips contains timely, concise news, new products, feature stories, blog posts, videos, white papers, and more. E-Clips is delivered to subscribers weekly.

Sponsors can choose to advertise in Cycle 1 (Weeks 1 and 3) or Cycle 2 (Weeks 2 and 4) of each month. Pricing is based on one cycle (two issues) and sponsors have the option to purchase both cycles in a month. Space reservations close Monday, one week prior to deployment.

Participate with any of these materials:
A. Top Banner (460X90)
B. Text Ad w/Photo or logo Position 1
C. Text Ad Position 2
• Text Ad Position 3:
D. Middle Banner (300X250)
E. Right Banner (120X240)
• Right Tower (120X600) – replaces the 120X240 ad on the right side with a larger tower ad
• Featured Video: also includes video on PFFC website
• Featured E-Book, White Paper, or Case Study: Includes 12-month lead Gen (see page 11 for details)
• Featured Platinum Company: (part of 12 month Platinum Buyers’ Guide package

Banner Blaster in E-Clips

Dominate any E-Clips by running THREE ads - you can own the Top, Middle, and Lower ads to saturate the newsletter from top to bottom with your message.

Banner Sizes:
460 x 90 px

Imagine your
company's banner
ad in all 3 spots!

Banner Blaster: Exclusive E-Clips sponsorship where ONLY YOUR BANNER ads appear in one E-Clips eNewsletter

Lead Generation

Show Packages

Our show package includes all of the following:

• A print ad the month before and the month of the show
• Be part of a product eblast the week before the show (image, product name, 50 words, link)
• Have an ad on our website for any 90 day period from 60 days prior to the show till 60 days after the show ends
• Be part of our Geo-Fencing at the show

Support Your Trade Shows! ( A )

Sponsor our On the Floor eNewsletter eBlast. Dominate any day(s) exclusively of a trade show with our On The Floor eNewsletter. We will write content on the trends, must-sees and seminars. You would own all of the ad units in each day(s) newsletter that will get deployed to our emails early in the morning.
• 728 x 90 ad with a link
• Up to (3) product images, 50 word description for each and link for each

Case Study & White Paper Sponsorships ( B )

Do you have a white paper or case study you want to get in the hands of new leads? Send us your case study or white paper with a subject line, headline, 50-75 word description and a link and we will blast it out and generate leads for you.

Custom Email Blasts

E-Blasts reach 12,000 readers. We mail E-Blasts on Thursdays and reserve some Wednesdays as "make up" mailing dates. We do not mail two "Product" or two "Service" E-Blasts in the same week, so we don't over-saturate our readers with similar messages. We'll send you a test mailing to make sure it looks and works as you intend.

Campaigns Include:
• Exclusive Message to subscribers
• Your ready-to-deploy HTML
• Subject line
• Detailed metrics | Deliveries, Open rate, Click-throughs by URL, and Total Clicks

PFFC Quiz ( C )

Test the knowledge of our subscribers, supply the questions/answers, generate leads, offer an incentive, great way to be looked at as a thought leader! We will market these for a month.

Product eBlast Showcase ( D )

Showcase up to four products or equipment that will get blasted out! With the Product eBlast, you promote your products and equipment in a dedicated eBlast.

You send us up to 4 product images along with a headline, a 75 word description and up to 4 links for each product.

Editorial Eblast ( E )

Be the EXCLUSIVE sponsor of either one of our articles or supply us with one of yours.

Supply us with:
• 589 x 90 ad with a link
• 300 x 250 ad with a link
• Video or White Paper (optional)

Content Marketing: White Papers, Case Studies & eBooks Lead Gen

Provide us with any combination of your articles, white papers, case studies & eBooks (up to three) & PFFC will promote your content.

• Posting on our website for 12 months
• Featured in E-Clips enewsetter quarterly
• Your logo & descriptions to accompany your content


CREATE - Great rates on creating custom eBooks for your company
PROMOTE - Ask about our custom promotional programs maximize exposure for your eBook
PARTICIPATE – PFFC has three eBook package opportunities for 2022:
• Leaders in Converting eBook: Thought leadership opportunity (February)
• Converting HOW-TO-GUIDE: Our problem / solution converter eGuide (November)
• Best Practices in Quality & Control: Static, Surface Prep/Treatment, Testing, Inspection & Monitoring (June)

$500 per page: Include any combination of ad(s), any content, such as, articles, videos, product images & descriptions Promotional package includes: TWO dedicated eBook eblasts, eBook posted on PFFC’s website for a year, eBook featured in E-Clips enewsletter 4X


Sponsored Webinars

Be looked at as a thought leader by doing a 30-60 minute presentation to a captive audience. Generate high quality leads from industry professionals looking to learn more about the webinar topic.

• Your logo on all promotions: HTML eblasts, enewsletters, our website and in print ads promoting your webinar
• Your logo on registration page
• Full contact info of all registrations
• You can use the sales promotion to send to your database
• Webinar available On-Demand for three months

Let Us Help Promote Your Webinar!

PFFC can help you promote a webinar you are hosting to help drive registration. We can help reach a large audience in the following ways:

• Dedicated HTML eblasts.
• Logo, topic and 60 word description in four weekly enewsletters leading up the live webinar date.
• Ad on our website 30 days prior to the live webinar.

Company of the Week

This new and exciting offering gives you exposure across our weekly enewsletter, our website and our social media followers. It includes:

• “Company of the Week” mention in E-Clips with company logo + 50 words + website link + link to NEWS Item headline (appearing on PFFC home page)
• Receive “Top of Home Page” News item on PFFC website on the same day your company appears in E-Clips as “Company of the Week.”
• “Company of the Week” mention on PFFC Social Media Pages - highlighting your brand and NEWS item.

Digital Publication

Digital Edition Sponsorship

Sponsor a monthly issue of PFFC. You receive a banner ad with a link on the eBlast that goes to 20,000 readers. In addition, a banner linking to your website will be included in our digital publication – all for one very low price.

Digital Issue Add-Ons

• Sponsor Banners
We can place an ad to the left of the cover and at the top of the page that is exclusively owned by your company. Contact your account executive for specifications and availablilty.

• Video over Ad
Turn your ad in our digital edition into a live interactive experience by placing your video over your ad. When users flip the page the video will start to play automatically.

Website/Online Solutions

Website Ads

Ads on combine IAB-certified placements and advanced ad management technology to provide maximum visibility throughout the PFFC website or within exclusive pages owned by one advertiser. Website ads are ROS and could rotate with one other ad.

Category Content Ownership

Category content landing pages quickly connect our readers with timely news, commentary, and the latest technological advances on the most important converting topics. These high-interest pages are designed to draw traffic from search engines relating to specific content. Category content landing pages quickly connect readers with timely news, commentary, and the latest technological advances on important converting topics. These high-interest pages are designed to draw traffic from search engines relating to specific content.

Auction Calendar

Promote your upcoming auction! We will include your company logo, a description of what is available in your auction with a direct link to your website.


Basic Video Package:

• Video posted on PFFC’s homepage for one month
• Video posted on PFFC’s Video Channel – 12 months
• Video featured in two E-Clips eNewsletters within one month

Premium Video Package:

• Video posted on PFFC’s homepage in PREMIUM POSITION for one month
• Video posted on PFFC’s Video Channel for 12 months
• Video featured in two E-Clips eNewsletters within one month

Online Impressions/Targeted Digital Marketing

Targeted Display Marketing allows your company to reach potential and existing customers through laser-focused impression marketing. We can deliver your ads based on users’ online activities and habits.

NEW! Targeted Advertising: Beyond “Geofencing”
We are so excited to share these new targeted solutions in 2022! While we have had success geofencing trade shows/events for customers, with shows going virtual or getting cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19; we redirected our attention to other digital advertising abilities to help you reach your “target audience.” We want to consult with you on your marketing strategy: who you want to reach (demographics, age, geographically, job title, industry, etc.), what are your goals (driving traffic, brand awareness), and what assets you have available. From there we will supply you with solutions from the list below that will best suit your campaign budget & needs.

• Display ads – send us 5 banner ads to go across different media platforms, your banner ads will follow them as they browse websites/apps we have access to (think Weather Channel, ABC News, ESPN, etc.)

• Geofencing (Also Addressable Geofencing) – if we have the location/physical addresses of places (or people) you’d like to target, we can deliver impressions/ads to them while they are at the property address. We can target home addresses/businesses, and once trade shows start back up we will be able to target shows/events again. This includes the 5 banner ads listed above in the display ads description.

• Email Marketing – you send us a finished HTML and list of the audience you’d like to target (geographically, job title, industry) and we will deploy the email out to those folks, with the ability to re-target with display ads. **We also have the ability to retarget with any of our inhouse eBlasts we execute with your company**

• Website re-targeting – you will place a pixel within your website (OR landing pages), and we will target those folks who visit your website and then go on to browse other sites/apps with your banner ads. This includes the 5 banner ads listed above in the display ads description.

• Video – you send us a finished video, it can be 10-30 seconds long – and they will be seen on websites (think CNN, Weather Channel, ABC) before viewers click on videos housed on those site (pre roll), or during longer video (mid roll), or after the video is done (post roll). You can also send us a video that is finished with URL link, that will sit as a “display” ad on those websites for people to see as they scroll through the site

• Social Media – you can send us content, we will create an ad that will appear on FB and Instagram, appearing as regular “posts” but will promote your products/solutions.

• Google Shopping – you must have a catalog or eCommerce platform on your website. We will tie it directly to Google and your product name, photo, and price with other relevant details will feed into Google to appear near the top of page 1. Ex. Type in “Running Shoes” on Google and see all the types of shoes that appear from different popular sites and retail outlets.

• SEM (Google Adwords) – you are paying to appear on page 1 of Google when people search for your products/solutions you offer. Your website link and brief description will be brought to the top of Google search. This is pay per click, so you only pay when someone actually clicks on your “ad” link.

ASK QUESTIONS – Reach out for consultation and further explanation on these solutions listed above. Learn more about how this targeted advertising approach can help your business grow!

Market Research Capabilities

Artwork Specifications

Publication Trim Size: 7-5/8” x 10-3/4”

Keep all live matter 1/4” from all trim edges on bleed pages.

All above dimensions are width x height.

ALL NEW AD COPY IS DUE ON OR BEFORE THE DUE DATE ON OUR DISTRIBUTION SCHEDULE. Any advertising copy submitted after that time will be placed in the following edition. Cut-off may vary on special show issues, so please consult your marketing consultant for details.

Camera-ready Art Specifications

Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Photoshop)

Supported Formats
PDF’s: When preparing your PDF, distill the PDF at 240 dpi, embed all fonts

Photos should be processed at a resolution of no less than 240 dpi and at 100% of the printing size.

Recommended Resolutions of Original Scans
Color Images - cmyk: 240-300 dpi
Black & White Line Art: 900 dpi
Grayscale Images: 240 dpi

We Can Not Accept
Corel Draw, Word Perfect, Powerpoint, Excel, Pagemaker, Microsoft Publisher, True Type Fonts, or Window Fonts.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 80915 • Rochester, MI 48308
Phone: 814-616-8380 •

Lori Pisano, Publisher
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Angel Morris, Editor
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Randy Green, President
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