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The Gravure Assn. of America salutes gravure's ability to produce packaging with knockout results.

Can a press be sexy? Judges of the Gravure Association of America's Golden Cylinder Awards think so. Describing the Rotomec 4000-2 ES rotogravure printing press by Valmet Converting, San Giorgio, Italy, as “one sexy gravure press,” GAA presented the company with its Supplier Innovation/Press award, saying designs as innovative as the 4000-2 ES are generating a renewed interest in gravure printing for packaging applications.

Presentation of the 2003 Golden Cylinder Awards took place May 6 in a ceremony at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN, as part of the association's annual convention.

Judging for the awards was held February 11-12 in Rochester, NY. The winners were selected from more than 125 entries in 25 categories. Eight judges reviewed this year's entries: Jeannette Earl, retired (formerly with The New York Times); Paul Sharkey, Flxon Inc.; Zita Seahra, International Wallcoverings; Gary Witt, R.R Donnelley; Clarence “Butch” Hoover, WRE/ColorTech; Robert Zumbiel, C.W. Zumbiel Co.; Mark Prescott, Canadian General-Tower Ltd.; and Ed Kozlowski, Wrico Packaging, a div. of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.

Following are a few of the converting industry award winners.

Best of the Best
Printpack Inc.
, Elgin, IL — The judges were unanimous in selecting Unilever Bestfoods Bertolli Dinner for Two for the “Best of the Best” award. The print quality, visual impact, and realistic look of the food on the Bertolli Frozen Dinner for Two packages made this entry the obvious choice as best in show, says GAA.

This package was also one of two winners in the packaging/film category.

Packaging/Technical Innovation
SleeveCo Inc.
, Dawsonville, GA — The company partnered with Pennzoil-Quaker State to create a package that's biggest challenge was to generate shelf impact for a mature motor oil product. The answer was a shrink-wrapped, racecar-shaped oil container. The resulting seven-color gravure printed film is said to provide a package with vibrant colors and real “curb” appeal.

Vaw Flexible Packaging
, Traverse City, MI — The Mulino Bianco Tenerezze Caffe package dazzled judges with its crisp, clean print and excellent register control on a very difficult image, says GAA.

The cookies on the front and back panels are said to be full of fine detail, making them appear good enough to eat. The judges agree, “It's a real winner.”

Wrico Packaging
, div. of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., Chicago, IL — The Wrigley Spearmint packaging is said to exhibit excellent print execution enhanced by laser engraving quality. For the judges, the most impressive factor was the “perfect type clarity and fantastic vignettes.”

Alcan Pharma Center
, Shelbyville, KY — The company won for its Effexox 37.5/75-mg packaging that GAA says is an example of why gravure is the process of choice.The entry is six colors on one side of the foil substrate with two more in register on the reverse side.

carton plant, Santa Clara, CA — The overall black look of the Adidas “Forever Sports” box is designed to remind you of stealth technology.The production criteria included requirements for environmentally friendly production, extremely consistent color, and lacquer with scratch, burnish, and non-skid properties while retaining a matte finish.

The black ink had to be mottle-free 100% of the time, and the white copy had to be as white as if it were printed on white paper or coated boxboard. All criteria were achieved using water-based inks and lacquer.

Packaging/26 in. & Less Narrow Web
Alcan Pharma Center
, Shelbyville, KY —Demanding vignette control, extremely tight registration, and precise text and bar code reproduction were the requirements set by the customer for the Aviane 28 Day package. Judges raved about how well Alcan was able to deliver all of its customer's requirements.

The Golden Cylinder Awards Competition is open to all GAA members and nonmembers. For more information, contact GAA, 1200-A Scottsville Rd., Rochester, NY 14624; 585/436-2150;

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