New Products

Digital Plate Resists UV Inks

A digital version of the water-washable flexo printing plate nyloflex Sprint is designed to meet the high quality requirements of the narrow and mid-web

Masterbatches Meet Standards

Masterbatches are formulated for use in biopolymer applications requiring compliance with European and US standards governing compostability and ecotoxicity,

Software for Bar Codes & Labels

Easylabel 5 multi-user software is for designing and printing product ID bar code and RFID labels. Allows user to purchase one hardware key to drive multiple

Measure Multiple Components

The InfraSpec VFA-IR spectrometer is well suited for handling multiple flexible film measurements with one instrument. This spectral range analyzer utilizes

Foam Cradles Are Durable

Reusable foam cradles are said to offer durable construction and a memory capability that allows them to retain their shape while delivering protective

TLMI Awards: Challenges Met

Members of the Tag & Label Mfrs. Assn., Gloucester, MA, gathered in Boca Raton, FL, October 17-20 for an annual meeting themed Change, Challenges & Strategies

Coating Aids Shelf Life

R-2462 water-based coating allows converters to achieve oxygen barrier properties on films and papers that extend the shelf life of products. When applied

Control Open Loop, Dancer Applications

The Spyder Plus compact tension control adds the ability to control open loop applications, has advanced features for dancer applications, and provides

Get High Quality Cuts

Auto Indexing Knife reportedly maintains high quality throughout all cuts, extends the life of the core cutter knife by providing more usable cutting

Eliminate Label Backing Material

UVPSA001 for the linerless label market is intended to eliminate label backing materials often discarded as waste, with associated cost and environmental

Solution to Heat-Related Problems

Frigid-X Panel Coolers use Vortex Tube technology to provide what is said to be a simple, inexpensive solution to heat-related problems in industrial

Inspect Critical Apps

The OptiMaster user-programmable vision/inspection software platform is suited for critical applications such as inspecting pharmaceutical labels; confirming

Measure Straightness To Aid Efficiency

The Microgage 2D system measures straightness to improve operating efficiency and reduce downtime. Said to be compact and easy to set up, product combines

Quality Control In Many Areas

The Flexo Control Universal portable analyzer is designed for quality control of screen areas, individual printing dots, lines, and bar codes on finished

Dispense Adhesive with Automation

The Volumetrix adhesive dispenser uses positive displacement pumps that have no pulsation, automatic calibration, configurable dispense methods, including

Digital Gauge Quick & Easy

The PG10 digital pressure gauge is called simple to set up and operate. Standard features include tare, peak hold, and max-min readings, as well as user-selectable

Treat Web Curl

A penetrating breaker roll decurl unit is programmed to treat web curl automatically as the roll unwinds. In mode, decurl movement is programmed from

Test Polymers

The SEPAP 12/24 medium-pressure mercury arc testing instrument is an accelerated photo-aging device that examines photodegradation mechanisms of polymeric

Cut Two Cores Quickly

Dual-mandrel core-cutting equipment cuts two core diameters quickly and safely with no tooling change, company reports. Said to increase efficiency, reduce

PP Is Thick

TC matte, white, 4-mil PP offers extra thickness for success in thermal transfer machines. The stiffness is said to be ideal for print-and-apply and print-and-present

Save Money on Proofs

MetallicProof Film paper is designed for use with the company's Stylus Pro WT7900 with UltraChrome HDR White Ink. The ink provides an opaque base layer,

Improve Web Flatness

The MoistureTech steam applicator is designed to improve a coated web's cross-directional flatness and impart the proper amount of moisture without slowing

Multilayer Labels In Unlimited Colors

The Servo 3000 Infeed + Reregister System is said to offer benefits for the production of multilayer labels, including an unlimited amount of colors,

Power Supplies Save Energy

The next generation of e-Brick power supplies incorporates new design elements to increase energy efficiency. Now users can select the power level required

Layflat Is Stable

Semi Gloss Layflat is engineered to remain stable and flat after flexo and laser printing, providing easy collating and packaging. With gloss finish reportedly

Driver Support for Bar Code Printers

Company reports Teklynx Intl. has developed drivers for the Godex line of bar code printers. Drivers can be downloaded at This driver

Interactive Tools Aid Packaging Design

The Studio 10 range of interactive 3D packaging design tools now includes the new Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves, a Studio Toolkit for Labels, and

Press Offers High Image Quality

The 3500 press handles web widths from 200-512 mm wide and prints at a speed of 19.2 mpm, regardless of the amount of colors used. Called ideal for the

Substrates Work With HP Presses

Company offers 12 new HP Indigo-compatible substrates, one of which is a greener alternative for exterior window applications. Products are applicable

Create Durable Auto Labels

Two label materials, the XF-592 (polyimide) and XF-807 (aluminum), are said to provide durability for use in under the hood applications for the auto

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