Jim Casey Speaks at AWA Release Liner Conference


SPENCER, MA—FLEXcon’s VP of technology, Jim Casey, will present "Film Release Liner Trends" on Tuesday, April 12, at the AWA Global Release Liner Industry Conference 2005. The conference runs from April 11-13, 2005 in Washington, DC. The presentation will explore physical properties, processing methods, end use applications, and industry trends for film release liner technologies.

The presentation reportedly will show how film release liners continue to grow in providing value and performance beyond conventional paper-based liner product offerings. Discussion will involve physical properties such as tensile and tear strength, smoothness, and caliper consistency; examples of end use labeling applications including industrial and medical; and current industry trends that support this technology.

Visit awa-bv.com for conference details.

For additional information on Jim Casey and FLEXcon, visit flexcon.com.

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