First Glance

On a Tear
CMD stands for “cross machine directional” at Alcan Packaging, Chicago, IL. But what it really stands for is LaserTear technology, which produces laser-scored film that works with zipper applications and creates a “hooded” package that allows for the removal of the entire package header to expose the resealable feature. The film is said to exhibit excellent machinability and is suited for pet food, fresh meat, cheese, snacks, cookies, frozen foods, and specialty consumer packaged goods such as lawn and garden products.

Say Cheese!
Up in dairy country, a company known for its cheeses turned to a company known for its packaging. The result: BelGioioso Cheese, Denmark, WI, is offering sliced cheeses in an easy-open package from Curwood, Oshkosh, WI. Printed flexo in five colors, the package features Curwood's Curpolene 7202 film and the IntegraScore opening, said to allow consumers to remove the tamper-evident hood protecting the press-to-close zipper easily and completely. The 7202 film is a two-ply lamination said to offer superior abuse resistance, machinability, barrier, and esthetics for non-respiring cheeses such as provolone and cheddar.

New Packaging Creates a Buzz
BeeCeuticals Organics, Fort Lauderdale, FL, says it is “dedicated to providing body care products that enhance the health and well-being of its customers, community, and the planet….” To emphasize that commitment, the company now is using 100% US-grown corn, i.e., polylactide polymer, for packaging its Hive Five Kits containing five travel-size products. BeeCeuticals president Richie Gerber says the package “offers us an opportunity to support…US farmers while offering our customers a beautiful package that is good for the environment.”

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