Short & Quick

Harkwell Labels is somewhat unique in that it relies solely on the letterpress process to manufacture its product line, which includes labels for food packaging, swing tags, and window stickers. Recnetly it added a Lintec LPM 300 GT semi-rotary letterpress model.

Lasting Impression

Exceeding clients’ expectations results in double-digit growth for large-format package printer Huston Patterson.

Mark Andy Expands Label Capacity in Poland

Label converter Etiko installed one of the latest Mark Andy LP3000 flexo lines in its all-new production plant near Szczecin, on Poland’s Northwest border with Germany.

Color 101: Part II

Last month we discussed control of raw materials, and now we look at a simple check list of procedures required for color measurement and control. If any of these are missing or are suspect, the result will be waste and failure.

Contract Services Directory

Coating & Laminating Contract Services Directory 2007

Brand Protection with Micro-Dots

Now brand owners have a new weapon against counterfeiting based on digital imaging, supported by continuous development in consumer electronics and global access to efficient, secured data communications networks and services.

Color 101: Part I

It has been my experience that color theory basics are communicated well by suppliers of color measurement devices. This month we will explore the practical application of this information.

The Digital Difference

Model Graphics explores new selling opportunities with HP Indigo digital web press.

Ink Mileage: Measure & Manage

In we reviewed ink transfer. With this basic understanding, we can move on to actual numbers on the basis of that which can be measured can be managed. Skeptics abound who believe there are too many variables to get useful data. Others think this is an opportunity to isolate and minimize process variation and thus improve productivity and reduce waste.

Pilot/Lab/Technical Facilities

Is there a problem with your process? Fix it! These technical facilities stand ready to help.

Kodak Plate Now Available in the U.S. and Canada

Kodak Thermal Direct non-process printing plate now is commercially available in the United States and Canada.

PIA/GATF and Kodak Release Results of Seminar Series

A series of eight PIA/GATF, sponsored by Kodak, seminars this summer discussed the importance of communicating the demands of printing early in the design phase. The content is available in a book from

Data in Detail

Tackling downtime in real time, a data collection system makes short work of pinpointing production errors.

Excelsior Achieves Record Print Speed

Making Advances

Innovation. It's the secret behind the longevity of some of the world's leading companies. Ford Motor Co. virtually launched the automobile industry with

Sun Chemical HD Plates

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