Mark Andy Offers Trade-Ins and Rebuilds


ST. LOUIS, MO | Mark Andy has recently expanded its support offerings to include trade-ins and rebuilds. Under this program, the company will accept select pre-owned equipment and provide credit toward the purchase of a new Mark Andy press or Rotoflex rewinder.

Alternatively, a converter not in a position to purchase a new machine may search the rebuilt inventory to find a pre-owned machine suitable to their needs. The trade-in program is a direct result of an increase in the demand for new technology, as well as increasing inquiries for second-hand, leading brand equipment in growing economies.

Company reports a team of professionals will conduct a complete overview and provide a suitable trade-in price or design a rebuild plan to bring the machine to like-new condition. The rebuild team works side by side with the OEM team to bring the project to fruition. Each rebuilt machine is fully tested, run through the same acceptance tests, and held to the same standards expected of all new equipment.

Ken Daming, director of aftermarket sales, says, "Mark Andy recognizes there are times when a capital purchase of new equipment may not be in the best interest of a converter, or they may need to divest a legacy piece of equipment in order to purchase new. In these instances, our Trade-Ins and Rebuilds program is an ideal solution."

He adds the program is not only for presses and rewinders. It is also a resource for accessories such as laminators, screen units, and curing systems.

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