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Martin Automates Roll Changes on New Servo Presses

Selected to supply automatic roll change equipment on new flexo press from Aquaflex/PCMC

Multi-Packaging Solutions Is Launch Customer for HP Indigo 30000 Press

Enables packaging manufacturer to provide customers with increased flexibility and on-demand packaging

Q-Med and Schreiner MediPharm Secure Medical-Cosmetic Products

Security seal with encrypted code authenticate anti-wrinkle product in China

Netpak Implements EFI Radius ERP System

Allows packaging firm to increase business intelligence and gain maximum ROI on new presses

"Smart" Blister Pack Offers Sustainability Benefits

Keystone Folding Box Co. collaborates with Information Mediary Corp. to introduce Ecoslide-RX with Med-ic technology

Maxson Vacuum System for Sheeter Removes Slitter Dust

System for sheeter is said to ensure cleanliness of sheeted stock and reduce hickies in printing

OMET To Show Combo Press at Labelexpo Europe

The XFlex X6 press now features a mix of flexo and offset technology, with light sleeves said to offer many benefits

Heraeus Material Has Low Surface Resistance

Clevios HY1 is highly conductive and said to be well suited for printed and touch electronics

Dymax Reports Benefits of LED Light-Curing System

Said to reduce costs and aid process control, BlueWave LED DX-1000 VisiCure system produces visible light energy in wavelength band centered at 405 nm

PECO Winders Suited for Wider Widths

IW and IWP winders are designed for applications including sheeting, tubing, and bags on a roll

Super Brush Swabs Clean Hydration Packs

Swab-its Hydraclean-tips clean and dry hydration packs, reportedly with precision and without scratches

Sunshine Plastics Wins Big with Sun Inks

Sun Chemical was a key part of Sunshine Plastics’ flexible packaging Best of Show winner at the recent INFO*FLEX

Larson Electronics Offers LED Light

The EPL-EMG-48-2L-LED-G2 light features Magnalight bulbs said to produce high illumination

Newark Analyzes Radial Crush Tester for QC

Tester for tube and core manufacturing is said to mimic the amount of pressure put on core by film and other substrates

Malnove Invests in KBA Rapida 7-Color Press

The 57-in. press provides automation at speeds of 17,000 sheets/hr.

Four Star Color Adds Folder/Gluer from Masterwork

Packaging growth prompts need for faster and more efficient post-press production

Westlake Plastics Sells Majority Ownership to Actimed

Supplier of thermoplastic products has a new majority owner that brings with it new resources for investments in many areas

W&H Gravure Press Comes in Many Variations

The HELIOSTAR S line includes TURBOCLEAN print cylinder cleaning and handles a wide range of materials

Labelexpo Europe to Offer Innovation, Information

Along with the latest in equipment, the event will present special features on package printing, inkjet technologies, and adding value for brands

MACtac Offers Two-Day Service Program

MAC2DAY program for skid-packed p-s sheets is said to be a way for printers to save time and money

Martin Automatic to Show Products at Labelexpo Europe

Newest versions of the MBS butt splicer and LRD transfer rewinder will be shown in running demonstrations

Four Exhibitions to Co-Locate in 2015

To help the industry find opportunities in new markets, Grafitalia, Converflex, Ipack-Ima, and Intralogistica will come together under one roof in Milan

Aalborg Instruments Announces Start-Stop Pump

The TPV RP peristaltic pump with adjustable RPM is designed to pump liquids of low to high viscosity

Control Techniques Offers New Servo Drive Solution

Digitax ST-X from Control Techniques, for use with Rockwell PLCs, offers Add On Instruction Block Files for integration with RSLogix 5000 software

OMNOVA Solutions Offers Hollow Plastic Pigment

Lytron HG80 synthetic pigment for coated paper, paperboard, and specialty applications is said to offer high gloss and smoothness

Bolton Emerson Expands into New Industries

With new leadership and a new facility, manufacturer of recycling and coating equipment finds opportunities in a wide range of industries

Nordson Re-Engineers Extrusion Coating Die

EPC extrusion coating die upgrades are said to reduce downtime and control edge bead

eltromat System Measures Colors In-line

The info_check spectral color measurement system, said to be suited for all types of web-fed presses, is finding success with customers

Label Award, Finalists Are Announced

Tomas Rink receives the 2013 R. Stanton Avery Lifetime Achievement Award, and finalists are announced for other Label Industry Global Awards categories

BASF PU Dispersion Aids Flexpack Inks

Joncryl FLX 5200 is said to make it possible to formulate water-based lamination inks with bond strengths suitable for most food packaging applications

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