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Study Documents Opportunities in European Medical Packaging

HERTS, UK | As the adoption of single-use medical disposables grows faster in Europe, it has created a parallel market for specialty medical packaging that must meet the highest possible technical standards. This market is documented in a new study from AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. (www.awa-bv.com), European Specialty Packaging Market Outlook 2008, an overview of the market and the opportunities it presents for medical packaging companies and their suppliers.

AWA Alexander Watson Assoc.'s research provides a profile of the industry broken down by product, material, and user market segmentation. It features an exclusive value chain analysis covering key areas, reviews technological developments, and highlights new application opportunities.

Focused largely on primary packaging (and therefore excluding “direct” packaging such as blood bags), it reviews the broad range of materials used. Paper remains the leading choice, but films, both flexible and rigid, are growing at a faster rate, with 39% of the market in 2007.

Packaging types evaluated include wrappings, bags, pouches, tubing, trays and lids, and rollstock. The different sterilization techniques, and their appropriate applications, as well as the packaging's performance in the hands of the end users—the medical professionals in hospitals and surgeries — are documented.

Based primarily on in-depth interviews across the value chain, the study uniquely documents medical device manufacturers' views, current practices, and future expectations. The study concludes with company profiles covering raw material suppliers and individual medical packaging companies across Europe.

European Specialty Packaging Market Outlook 2008: Market Overview and Opportunities for Medical Packaging Companies and Suppliers, European Specialty Packaging Market Outlook 2008 can be ordered online via AWA Alexander Watson Assoc.'s website, www.awa-bv.com, where details of all the company's specialist market research studies, and related conferences and events, may also be found.

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