Paxar Announces Immediate Availability of RFID Implementation Kit for Wal-Mart Suppliers

WHITE PLAINS, NY, USA—Bar code and identification technologies supplier Paxar Corp. reports it's taking orders for early April shipment of its RFID (radio frequency identification) Implementation Kit.

According to Paxar, the Kit contains everything a supplier needs to implement RFID today and comply with Wal-Mart's January 2005 requirement to provide shipments with RFID encoded labels. Paxar identifies the components of the RFID Implementation Kit as:

  • Monarch 9855 RFID bar code printer/encoder;

  • "Latest technology-compliant" Monarch RFID labels;

  • 12 months of Paxar's Technology Investment Protection program, providing the user with on-site upgrades of the Class 1 technology when changes are made, "ensuring the supplier remains up to date and compliant as the technology evolves";

  • 12 months of on-site service and technical support;

  • A full RFID reference guide and programming manual; and

  • Sample RFID compliance formats with download software.

At the heart of the Paxar's RFID Implementation Kit, reports the manufacturer, is the Monarch 9855 RFID printer/encoder. "The printer/encoder completes a 'live' test of the RFID chip, encodes the chip within the label, prints the bar code and human readable data, and verifies the information is 'written' to the tag properly," explains Paxar.

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