Diversified Plastics Inc. Adds Rotational Molding Oven

Diversified Plastics Inc., an international rotational molder based out of Latta, S.C., adds a new rotational molding oven Model #4600 from Ferry Industries to its facility. The new rotational molding oven will reportedly be used to create various Diversified Plastics, Inc. products, such as material handling carts and recycling containers. The implementation of a new rotational molding oven is expected to increase productivity and allow DPI to produce larger sized products for a variety of its plastic products.

Other benefits of the new rotational molding oven for Diversified Plastics, Inc. include improved operational efficiencies, increased production capacity, increased and consistent uptime, energy efficiency and cost savings.

“We are eager to introduce this new, cutting-edge rotational molding technology to our facility. The new rotational molding  oven will help us to manufacture our plastic products more efficiently and allow us to expand our product lines,” said Tommy Wallace, president of Diversified Plastics.

For more information, visit dpiroto.com.

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