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Nordson Adapts Extrusion Die Technology

CHIPPEWA FALLS | Nordson Corporation has adapted an extrusion die technology that has been in global use for 15 years and now offers it under the new name Uniflow as an alternative for cast film applications that do not call for the capabilities of the EDI Contour die

The Uniflow Die

The Uniflow die, now available under the company’s EDI brand, was first developed by the Belgian firm Verbruggen, which Nordson acquired in 2011. “While the Uniflow die represents a lower-cost alternative to the Contour die, it provides real advantages in important application areas,” says Scott Smith, business unit director for polymer dies. “It is a versatile die whose effectiveness has been proven in both monolayer and multilayer production.”

The die provides what company says is an affordable option for high-speed production of thermally stable resins with very few rate changes, such as for stretch film. Its versatile flow channel reportedly accommodates a broader range of resins and processing parameters, and it has an elongated teardrop manifold cross-section that promotes uniform layers in coextrusion. Company adds that the outstanding mechanical stability of the Uniflow die reduces the changeover time between product runs.

Die is available as part of a total system, including Autoflex automatic gauge profiling systems, Ultraflow coextrusion feedblocks, dual-chamber vacuum boxes, and UltraSplit on-line die separation devices.

The company recently introduced next-generation technologies for these system components. In Autoflex VI-RE gauge profile control system, the stroke of the lip adjusting system has been increased by 43% reportedly without adding to response time, enabling it to correct a wider range of process variations, often without need for manual intervention.

The new Ultraflow V-T feedblock makes it possible to fine-tune individual layers as well as accommodate changes in layer ratio, and to adjust the tuning system without removing the feedblock from the production line.


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