Sun Chemical Offers Ink Dispensing Solution

PARSIPPANY, NJ | Sun Chemical recently debuted its latest Polare ink dispenser which has been adapted specifically for the demands of the label and narrow web market.

Developed in partnership with ink dispensing manufacturer Inkmaker, San Gillio, Italy, Polare is said to be a versatile and fully automated ink dispenser, optimized to deliver the exact amount of ink required, especially for the use of lower volume spot inks. This minimizes waste and limits inventory while maximizing production and cost efficiencies.

With the capability to cater for low-viscosity inks such as water-based or UV flexo, as well as high-viscosity UV offset inks directly from their original containers, this solution automatically dispenses appropriate inks for the manufacture of color ink blends. Company says this enables efficient on-site blending of special colors, offering a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to manual blending for on-demand availability and also allows the reuse of press returns. Reportedly, it also gives printers complete control over the workflow by eliminating the need to order specialty colors, therefore reducing lead times to further increase production efficiency.

Designed for intuitive plug-and-play operation, the Polare solution comprises two modules; a dispensing head and a module for ink storage. The inks can be pumped directly to the dispense heads from their original packaging, eliminating the need for integrated tanks or cartridges as the storage module is fully equipped with pumps and piping lines.

Includes software enabling remote diagnostics and automated stock management, as well as integrated access to company’s color management tools.

Part of Sun Chemical’s Solaris system of specially formulated inks, coatings, solutions, and color management tools for narrow web printers, the Polare meets all applicable legal requirements for CE-certification.

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