Energy Sciences Announces EB Flexo Ink


WILMINGTON, MA | Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI) is offering GelFlex-EB ink, said to deliver year-over-year cost reductions from ink savings, waste savings, and productivity gains. Inks are also said to maintain graphics quality from better image quality and smaller dots, all while decreasing emissions 90%. 

Inks provide 80 LPI (70 LCM) for higher resolution and tonal value, smooth ink laydown, reduction in graininess, and higher solid ink density (SID). Quality is said to be similar to gravure, and EB offers low odor and taint and is safe for operators to handle.

The high-solids, gel-based EB inks, called safe for food, reportedly are fluid enough for flexo printing but thicken rapidly, providing effective ink trapping in the wet state. Only one EB dryer is required per press, eliminating all inter-station and end-of-press thermal dryers. Printers can EB laminate, extrusion laminate, or EB coat, all in-line, with the inks.

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