Kodak Launches Award to Honor Green Initiatives


ROCHESTER, NY | Kodak announces the SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award, launched to recognize customers who have demonstrated outstanding efforts to reduce their environmental impact through a variety of initiatives and best practices.

Four companies have been named as recipients of the inaugural award. Druckerei Aschenbrenner, GP Tryk, Alfa-Design, and Gruppo Konig Print are all users of Kodak SONORA Process Free Plates. Kodak reports all have robust environmental practices in place, including monitoring of energy and water usage in an effort to continuously find ways to improve efficiency.

“We congratulate each of the winners who have implemented environmental initiatives across the company to reduce their environmental impact and further their pursuit of sustainability,” says Rich Rindo, Kodak general manager, WW Graphics Marketing and VP, GECF. “The caliber and quality of the submissions we received for the award demonstrate the impressive strides printers are making in environmental initiatives. We look forward to expanding and growing the program in the coming years, recognizing those who administer processes for positive environmental change.”

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