Super Bowl Tickets Score Big

Every year the NFL likes to add a new twist to Super Bowl tickets, not only for the esthetic appeal (most ticket holders don't care what they look like; they only care that they have one!), but also to help fight fraud and counterfeiting. This year's twist was supplied by Brightec, whose night luminescent paper allows images that appear normal under conventional light but glow when seen in low light or darkness. This was the first commercial application for this paper.

Lithographix, a Los Angeles, CA-based converter that has a long-standing relationship with the NFL, printed the tickets on an eight-color Mitsubishi CD press, retrofitted for UV printing. The ink sequence was black, cyan, magenta, yellow, and then in-line gloss UV coating for protection. After printing, the sheets were laminated to Permanent Adhesive Crack-n-Peel label stock and die-cut on three sides. Finished cards were peeled apart and hand-applied to the final Super Bowl tickets. A total of 80,000 tickets were printed.

Supplier Information:

Brightec — PFFC-ASAP 420.

Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses — PFFC-ASAP 421.

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