MAXStick Reports Products Are Now BP-Free


LANCASTER, PA | MAXStick Products, a supplier of liner-free, removable-adhesive label products, announces that it is now qualified as Bisphenol-Free (BP-Free).

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of National Food Safety Month, MAXStick reports it is proud to continue the tradition of producing environmentally friendly and sustainable labels that are safe for use by the food industry. Previously categorized as BP-A Free, company is now classified as 100% Bisphenol-Free. Bisphenols, most notably BP-A and BP-S, are chemical compounds found in some paper and plastic products.

This qualification reflects the company’s complete line of products, which includes MAXStick PremiumMAXStick2GO, MAXStick Colors, MAXStick Plus, MAXStick X2, and MAXStick X2 Colors.

Company says its liner-free labels are an eco-friendly, labeling solution for applications in a variety of industries including food service/hospitality, warehousing, retail, libraries, parking, reusable plastic containers and medical diagnostics.

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