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TOPIC: Email Service Providers and your Email Reputation

Email Service Providers and your Email Reputation 3 years 2 months ago #58

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Why use an email service provider for company e-newsletters and other mass emails?

In a word….Reputation.

All communication over the internet (visiting websites, sending emails, chat, etc...) is connected to an IP address. An IP address is like your business address but for devices connected to the Internet. It is how computers find websites and email finds your inbox. And each IP address has a reputation score, much like your business has built up a reputation.

If your IP address develops a bad reputation, your emails end up in spam folders or not getting delivered at all. That includes one-to-one emails sent to pre-existing customers. Communications and relationships with valued customers start to suffer. The end result can have a huge negative impact on your business.

Email service providers take on the risks and responsibility of reputation management. It is the most important service they provide, but often the least talked about. A top notch email service provider can provider reports, email templates and scheduling. And many provide it for free. But reputation management is the real key to it all. They maintain a selection of IP addresses and track them. They ensure things go smoothly and quickly take action when they don't. This ensures that your company newsletters and announcements reach their intended targets.

If you are going to send any type of bulk emails in house, make sure it is a VIP on the list. Only clients you have a strong pre-existing relationship should be on the list. Do not send mass mailings in-house to cold leads or brand-new prospects. All it takes is a handful who forgot they contacted you to mark your emails as spam and ruin your reputation. It possible to repair the reputation of an IP address but is a long and time consuming process.

Many quality and reputable email service providers have free accounts. These are more than enough for the average small to medium sized manufacturing. You can send thousands of emails a month, get email open reports and use free quality email templates. Did we mention they're free?

Free! - 3 Email Service Providers

MailChimp - 2,000 subscribers/12,000 emails a month. We used them for various projects over the years and highly recommend them. They are the gold standard in the industry and have been around longer than Mailjet or Sendinblue.

Mailjet - Unlimited contacts/6,000 emails a month. New guys on the block but have a great reputation. The features they offer on the free plan match up well with MailChimp.

Sendinblue - Unlimited contacts/9,000 emails a month. Limited reporting compared to Mailjet and MailChimp. You do get more free emails per month than Mailjet.

I hope this topic was helpful. MailChimp.com has an excellent online knowledge base for email marketing you can check out as well.

James Nobles
Maken Group - Digital Marketing and Website for Mfg Companies
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Email Service Providers and your Email Reputation 1 year 10 months ago #112

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Email marketing is something that I just got introduced to in a seo campaign. I attended this campaign to know more about these techniques and services and I feel so very much knowledgeable now. It was also wonderful going through this post as it is very informative and needs to be shared with as many people as possible.
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