Acucote Adds Thinner Films to BOPP LIne


GRAHAM, NC | Acucote has introduced thinner films to its current BOPP product line. These additions are said to offer raw material cost savings, potential efficiency cost reductions, and an improved environmental footprint.

New additions to company’s prime label offerings include the 2.4-mil White Topcoat and the 2.6 White Vision Gloss Topcoat. The 2.4 mil White Topcoat is said to be a cost-effective substitute for company’s current 2.6-mil White Gloss Topcoat. The 2.4 mil maintains the same opacity and topcoating as the 2.6 mil. The 2.6 White Vision Gloss is a mid-gloss option between high-gloss and matte finish facestocks.

In stock for the variable print market is the 2.6-mil White Premium Thermal Transfer. Serving as an alternative to the 3-mil White Thermal Transfer, this facestock has a smoother surface and reportedly results in sharper imaging through thermal transfer printers and improved flexo printability.

Products are offered through the AcuChoice program with GPX adhesive on a 40# liner. GPX is a water-based acrylic general-purpose adhesive designed to adhere to a variety of surface applications. Additional adhesive and liner combinations are available on a custom coat basis.

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