Toray Aiding CPG Companies in Mexico

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI | Toray Plastics (America) says its films and services are helping Mexican consumer product goods companies meet the growing demand for flexible packaging in their country, throughout the region, and internationally. In addition, says Toray, US CPG companies that are designing operations in Mexico in order to supply the Mexican, Latin American, South American, and US markets are benefiting from Toray’s core competencies as a supplier of superior quality films, its practice of close collaboration, and its global depth.

“Mexico is a very exciting market for food manufacturers who want to grow business,” says Doug DeVries, business manager, Toray Plastics (America). “It has a population of more than 125 million people and an expanding middle class. CPGs doing business there want seamless service. That includes local sales representation, border warehousing, bilingual communication, and much more. With Toray, customers are able to bundle in one order all the polypropylene, cast polypropylene, and polyester packaging films they need, including specialty extrusion-coated films. Our service also provides innovative, flexible pricing and, most important, a solution-driven approach to projects. At Toray, we’re not in business just to make a sale. We build long-term relationships based on trust by consistently providing customers with the most thoughtful, innovative packaging solution for their project and on-time delivery.”

DeVries explains that Mexico’s warm climate and topography are critical factors when customers are specifying packaging films. Structures must be barrier-stable and exhibit little or no barrier degradation as the temperature and humidity rise. Packaging also requires the seal strength to resist bursting when transported through high-altitude, low-atmospheric-pressure mountainous regions. Torayfan Over the Mountain high-barrier BOPP films with integrated sealant technology and improved hermeticity are designed for those applications.

DeVries adds that Mexican consumers’ food preferences influence package design as well. For example, he says they like to purchase milk as a dehydrated powder packaged in a stand-up zipper pouch. “They also are more accepting of retorted food products than US consumers are. Refried beans, tuna, beef, and pork in a clear, retort pouch are extremely popular. And they like the sachet format for condiments, sauces, candy, vitamins, and single-use personal care items, such as shampoo and antibacterial gel.”

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are important to the Mexico-based CPG. “Customers want to work with an authentic, transparent, socially responsible enterprise,” says DeVries. “They also want environment-friendly thin films, and they expect ongoing R&D on ‘green’ products.”

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