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Everyone has an obligation to know exactly what he is doing in his work and to be able to communicate to those with an interest and a technical question. That is the connection of this column with readers that work in the converting and packaging industries.

Vehicle Retention is a Drying Not a Driving Issue

People have different ideas about the best time to purchase a new automobile to replace their present one. Some people wait a specific number of years; others drive their vehicle for a specific number of miles. Still others become intrigued with a new model because of its looks or features.


Providing practical information to the converting & packaging industries A communication from the PLACE Division of TAPPIin cooperation with Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER providing practical information to the converting and packaging industries.

PFFC Worldwide Special Report on Release Liners, part 1

Reporting on all aspects of release liners, including AWA's roundtable forum held during the 2004 Global Release Liner converence, North American facts and figures, and an end-user market study.

Extrusion Dies

Due to the intense competition in today's marketplace, extrusion-coating converters face greater challenges than ever.

Pilot Line

In 1992 Polytype Converting became the world's first company to design and operate a high-speed pilot

Coating Rods

The Great Equalizer Charles Mayer, who grew up in the age of Edison and Ford, invented the metering rods we use today. A century of evolution has gone into wire-wound coating rods. Still called Mayer rods, after Charles W. Mayer (rhymes with wire), they continue to be popular 100 years later because they're inexpensive, accurate, and easy to use...

PFFC Worldwide Special Report on Release Liners, part 2

Continued reporting on all aspects of release liners, including rising platinum prices and calibration tape development.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

New Division Secretary The PLACE Division of TAPPI has named Rory A. Wolf as the new secretary effective September 2004. Wolf is Director of Business

Analysis of Film Extrusion Problems with Flow Simulation

Application: Computer simulation can explain certain flow behavior and phenomena that can occur during film extrusion. This understanding can correct a problem and improve product quality.

St. Paul Coater Ups Release Liner Production after New Coating Line Install

Rayven Inc. reports it recently installed a new 72-in. coating line in its St. Paul facility. According to the provider of laminating, coating, and converting services, the new line's design is proprietary but utilizes a control system manufactured by Control Assemblies Co.

The Buzz on Remote Diagnostics

Walk into any room these days where numerous people are assembled and mention remote diagnostics. Immediately, you will become the central attraction.

Can This Lamination Be Saved?

Delaminating undesired separation within a multilayer product is a major problem for many converters. Laminate products are a marriage of two or more

A Touch Above

With its unique supply-chain system and a commitment to taking care of customers, Raflatac delivers service that's ... A Touch Above

The Rx for RH

Remember the converting problems you had last winter? Reducing them this year might be easier than you think.

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