Clearwater Adds EarthCoating Resins

 SPOKANE, WA | Clearwater Paper Corp., a manufacturer of bleached paperboard products, has signed a license agreement to extrude EarthCoating resins from Smart Planet Technologies for use in the full line of Candesce paperboard products.

EarthCoating resins are high-performance, mineral-based coatings, said to contain less plastic than traditional LDPE coatings while providing enhanced moisture barrier properties and equal barrier properties to oil, grease, and fatty acids. EarthCoating is FDA-compliant for direct food contact.

“Our agreement with Smart Planet Technologies will enable [us] to offer our customers unique extrusion coatings options that reduce the amount of polyethylene used while maintaining or enhancing package performance,” says Richard Dreshfield, director of marketing and customer service for Clearwater’s Pulp and Paperboard Div. “The beauty of the new resin is that it converts like low-density polycoated material, meaning it can be printed, die-cut, folded, and glued using existing equipment.”

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