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Mica Adds Photovoltaic Array for Clean Energy

SHELTON, CT | Mica Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of water-borne primers and coatings for the flexible packaging industry, says the new photovoltaic solar panel system atop its headquarters in Shelton, CT, will generate clean energy starting in the Spring of 2017. Reports Mica VP Andrew Siegel, “Through the course of the year, we expect our new solar panel system to produce 30% of our electrical energy needs.”

The company says sustainability has been a major priority since it was founded 46 years ago, and it was among the first companies to provide water-based products to the packaging industry. Over the past four decades, the company has remained focused on reducing its carbon footprint by developing more concentrated primers, and providing recyclable, stackable IBC totes as an order option to reduce the amount of truck loads for deliveries. Other highlights include reducing water waste in manufacturing and replacing fiber drums with recyclable plastic drums.

H-VAC and lighting systems as well as a modern heating system has decreased gas consumption by approximately 20%. The recent addition of the solar panels will bring the total electrical energy reduction to 60% since 2015.

Siegel says, “We saw this project as an opportunity not only to invest in clean energy that will reduce our carbon emissions, but with the hope that we could also influence other companies to follow the same sustainable path.”

In the coming years, the company plans to continue its sustainability efforts. “Installing the solar panels is another step toward creating and maintaining a more sustainable life in our community and beyond, but there’s always something else we can be doing to further reduce our carbon footprint,” says Bill Giannetto, site compliance coordinator and process engineer. “By evaluating our other sales offices and manufacturing processes, networking with sustainability-focused organizations, and introducing more efficient recycling programs, we plan to reduce our environmental impact even further.”

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