Ashland Varnishes Are Certified by RIT


DUBLIN, OH | Ashland Specialty Ingredients has obtained certification by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for 13 ultraviolet and water-based overprint varnishes within the PureRad and PureKote overprint varnish (OPV) product lines. The products are now commercially available for use with HP Indigo narrow web printing presses.

The print-receptive coatings are described as clear, better fixate ink on a variety of substrates, and also protect it from esthetic and functional damage during the intended life of the graphic.

PureRad and PureKote overprint varnishes are said to offer improved adhesion to HP Indigo ink coupled with high-performance scratch and chemical resistance. The commercial offering includes two new products, PureRad 53830 high-gloss, heat-resistant OPV and PureRad 53860A high-gloss UV resistant OPV.

Company says the RIT/HP Indigo overprint varnish performance program enables manufacturers, suppliers, and HP Indigo digital press owners to have both water-based and UV coatings evaluated with HP Indigo digital certified media.

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