ADG Offers Options for Fimic Screen Changers


FAIRFIELD, CT | ADG Solutions offers new alternatives for the Fimic self-cleaning continuous screen changer. The company is the exclusive North American importer of the patented Fimic system, built in Italy by Fimic Officine Meccaniche. The alternatives reportedly enable recyclers of plastics to increase product uniformity and cleanliness even when processing highly contaminated raw material, and to do so without sacrificing productivity.

ADG now offers filter screens with a size of only 200 microns (about 80 mesh) and expects to make a 150-micron (100-mesh) screen available later this year, says company president Sandy Guthrie. “With the ultra-fine filtration provided by the new screens, users of the Fimic self-cleaning continuous screen changer can further enhance product quality…,” says Guthrie. “At the same time, the large surface area of the screen compared to that of other screen changers facilitates polymer flow and ensures a high level of productivity for the processing line.”

Another new option available from ADG is the model SCF-700 screen changer, which extends the applicability of the Fimic system to recycling operations requiring throughput rates from 6,000 to 10,000 lb/hr (2,720 to 4,535 kg). The maximum throughput for the next largest model, the SCF-600, is 6,000 lb/hr (2,720 kg).

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