Green Bay Packaging Acquires MidCon Holdings


GREEN BAY, WI | Green Bay Packaging (GBP) reports the acquisition of Great Lakes Packaging Corporation and Midland Container Corporation from MidCon Holdings, an Arbor Investment company. The acquisition was effective October 31, 2014; terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“The acquisition of Great Lakes Packaging and Midland Container, collectively known as MidCon, is an excellent fit for Green Bay Packaging,” says Will Kress, Green Bay Packaging’s president and CEO. “MidCon is a perfect fit geographically, strategically, and most important, from a leadership and cultural approach to their business. The acquisition allows us to grow our company, adding two organizations that have an excellent reputation for service and quality, and who run their operations with a similar business philosophy as ours.”

GBP executive VP Bryan Hollenbach adds, “The MidCon acquisition strengthens our point of purchase printing and display capabilities, broadens our reach into new markets, and provides us the potential to expand our presence with current customers. It also provides us with a dedicated workforce under great management.”

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