AmeriLam Supply Group Offers Embossed Film


KNOXVILLE, TN | AmeriLam Supply Group announces Luxe FineLinen laminate film, a 24-micron PP material. Manufactured with a unique emboss pattern imbedded in the film, product is said to simulate the texture of high quality European linen with a luxurious, matte finish.

As a thermal laminating film product, film is easily applied utilizing standard one-sided laminating equipment, company says, adding the film has a strong surface structure and is resistant to scratching and scuffing, providing excellent protection and additional strength in every application. The surface can be foil-stamped, vanished, glued, or embossed.

Said to be well suited for use on folding cartons, POS materials, and any other print project that will be frequently touched or handled, material reportedly high color clarity and color retention.

Product is scheduled for release April 1 and is backed by company’s unconditional Gold Seal Guarantee: If it doesn’t perform, it will be replaced or refunded.

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