Radiant Energy Inaugurates Pilot Coating Line

HAWTHORNE, NJ | Radiant Energy Systems has commissioned a pilot coating line that allows customers to run trials on new processes and materials before scaling up to production equipment. The line is specifically designed to run waterbased coatings and capable of handling roll diameters of 24 inches and web widths up to 26 inches. A variety of heating technologies is available in the drying stage, including infrared (gas or electric), infrared air, impingment, and flotation dryers. A modular design allows for a quick switchover to different types of heaters or nozzles. Heaters are available in short, medium, and long wavelength options.

Radiant's pilot coating line is capable of running a variety of materials, including paper, film, foil, nonwovens, and fabrics. It can be used for coating, drying, curing, laminating, annealing plastic films, and printing on various substrates. See radiantenergy.com/pilotcoatingline.html.

PFFC publishes a pilot lab directory annually. Be sure to check out the "http://pffc-online.com/ar/pilot_lab_1106" target="_new">Pilot Lab Directory online.

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