Packaging Film for Thermoform/Shrink Systems

OSHKOSH, WI | Curwood, a supplier of high-performance shrink packaging materials for meat and cheese applications, announces a breakthrough packaging film engineered for optimum performance on high-speed Multivac FormShrink machines. New Form-Tite films, developed in cooperation with Multivac, maximize the equipment’s potential to reportedly triple productivity and lower total costs. Curwood’s Form-Tite films provide gloss and clarity, as well as higher shrink, creating tight, crystal-clear packages.

Features of the films include low curl plus high shrink and good formability to conform tightly to the product, creating an attractive package without dog ears. The films’ high-barrier properties and exceptional puncture resistance extend shelf life and minimize damage and waste throughout distribution. In addition, the rollstock offers easier product loading than shrink bags to minimize labor, and requires less shipping and warehousing space, reducing distribution costs.

Form-Tite technology is available in a printable film option, which eliminates secondary labeling and maximizes visual appeal in the meat or dairy case. The films are also offered with Curwood’s patented EZ Peel opening technology for convenient opening without knives or scissors. See

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