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Paper vs. Plastic in Packaging


CLEVELAND, OH—In 18 selected markets where plastic and paper compete as packaging materials, plastic is expected to increase its share of the market to 53% (in pounds) in 2010, according to "Paper vs. Plastic in Packaging," a new study from the Freedonia Group. Plastic Packaging growth is expected to outpace that of paper packaging through 2010 in all competitive markets covered in the this study and is forecast to expand nearly 3% per year through 2010. The most rapid gains in market share are anticipated in soy and other nondairy beverages and pet food applications, with the frozen food, fruit beverages and detergent markets also expected to see favorable increases. Growth also is expected for single-serving plastic milk bottles, driven by conversion from half-pint gabletop cartons to plastic bottles in quick service restaurants and school lunch programs. Paper packaging will post marginal advances or continue to decline in most competitive markets through 2010 due to inroads from plastic. To learn more, visit freedoniagroup.com.

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