Mark Andy Develops Focused Film Label Niche Configuration for Comco ProGlide Press


ST. LOUIS, MO, USA—Comco, a division of Mark Andy Inc., announces its focused niche configuration of the Comco ProGlide, the ProGlide FLX—“film label expansion” press.

According to the OEM, the press is the first of its kind. "The ProGlide FLX is designed specifically for the converter that is looking to take some risk and expand their operations more into film substrate applications," explains Mark Andy. "The heavy-duty designed ProGlide FLX is also capable of servicing traditional application designs with high productivity."

Mark Andy adds that the ProGlide FLX has many of the key Comco-designed components needed for exploring film markets. "This model allows a converter to invest in markets without overwhelming risk in their capital expenditures. It is priced to provide a high quality, heavy-duty piece of proven Comco brand equipment that will provide a return on their investment quickly."

The new Comco ProGlide FLX has been running live demonstrations at Comco's Advanced Technology & Training Center located in Cincinnati, OH, USA. For more information about Mark Andy and its Comco division, visit

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