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BST Pro Mark Hits 10,000th Install

ELMHURST, IL, USA—BST Pro Mark reports it recently honored Sancoa International, Mt. Laurel, NJ, USA, a company that earlier this year installed a Super HandyScan 2000 web inspection system. BST Pro Marks says it's the manufacturer's 10,000th system installed since it began making web inspection systems in 1989.

"During Labelexpo 2000," say BST, "a special award commemorating the 10,000th milestone was presented to Rick Weyermann, VP of technology, Sancoa, as well as to James Torrico, Sancoa's director of engineering."

Adds the manufacturer: "[We] introduced the HandyScan at Labelexpo 1990, and followed that with its second-generation product -- the Super HandyScan -- in 1992. The product revolutionized the way in which web printing is inspected, by allowing real-time viewing of print at normal press speeds. By 1994, [we were] building over 1,000 units a year."

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