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MaraTech Honored for Green Programs


CHICAGO, IL | MaraTech International, part of The Channeled Resources Group, was formally recognized as a Green Master company during the recent WI Sustainable Business Council Conference. The MaraTech facility in Marathon, WI, is an 186,000-sq-ft, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant involved in converting and reprocessing specialty papers and films, and this is the second consecutive year it has earned the honor.

The Green Masters Program is a free, independent, objective, points-based “green” certification program in which businesses of any size, from any part of Wisconsin and from any sector, can begin “the road to sustainability.”

The Channeled Resource Group, a worldwide specialist in the field of reprocessed specialty paper and film, reports it has a long-standing tradition of not only managing its business in a sustainable manner but also helping other businesses do the same.

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