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Menasha Packaging Announces $10M Pennsylvania Expansion

NEENAH, WI | Menasha Packaging has announced the expansion of its facility in Yukon, PA. The company plans to spend $10 million in capital improvements at its 300,000-sq-ft packaging and display plant over the next 12 months. In addition, the company expects the expansion to increase plant capacity by 35%.

According to general manager Pete Widolff, the project, which is in line with Menasha's lean strategy, will incorporate leading-edge technology that will increase productivity and eliminate waste to reduce the company's environmental footprint.

"The expansion will help us produce even higher-quality products at larger volumes, provide superior service to our customers, and prepare us for continued growth," said Widolff. "We are here to thrive. These investments demonstrate that we are serious about our position in this market."

The project consists of three stages. The first phase, already underway, involves modernizing the main line conveyor and installing two new Mosca Sonix unitizers. As part of Menasha's continuing commitment to innovation, the fully automated unitizing system will increase production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

The second phase, scheduled for the second quarter of 2011, includes installing a high-speed order change dry-end from Fosber and a new MarquipWardUnited Vanguard singlefacer to their corrugator. According to Widolff, the equipment upgrades will give Menasha greater flexibility to make continuous order changes, increased capacity and superior board quality. Sustainable improvements include less starch used in the gluing process and a reduction of board waste.

The third phase, slated for completion in early 2012, involves installation of a state-of-the-art Isowa four-color flexo folder gluer. The new equipment is said to have shorter set-up times and faster run speeds, which will improve print and box quality. The flexo folder gluer reportedly also uses less water, reduces ink waste, and supports a lean supply chain.

"The plant expansion will give us the capability to produce shorter runs and increase our capabilities for direct print graphics, litho labels, and preprint," states Ed Stuczynski, staff engineer at Menasha Packaging.

The Yukon packaging and display facility opened in 1980, and employs 160 people.

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