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Paris, France | Packetis has implemented Production Manager shop floor data collection software from Solarsoft for Packaging. Packetis, a business unit of the ILEOS Group, chose to implement Production Manager after implementing the Accelerate Advanced Planning & Scheduling module. The Production Manager software is in use at two Packetis folding carton plants: Chazelles and Valréas, France. The Production Manager shop floor data collection software is said to reduce unit costs and improve shop floor efficiencies by enabling on-line monitoring of machine and job performance. The software monitors production status automatically by direct connection to machine sensors, providing on-the-job instructions and eliminating the need for paper-based job jackets. “To date, we have been able to increase our production by 7 percent as a result of the Production Manager installation,” say Packetis spokesmen Franck Lebailly and Laurent Becquart.
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