CTC Offers Smaller Version of Clamshell Splicer

The CS12214 version of CTC’s clamshell splicer fits in compact areas, minimizes material handling, and makes it easier to prep the splice

Engineer's Playground

Timothy Walker has this to say about Optimation Technology's pilot lab facility: There are no equivalent options that combine equipment, human, and IP


PFFC's annual guide to tech centers ready to assist your R&D efforts

Playing the Wrinkle Blame Game

Imagine you are an unwind operator. You unwrap the next roll of input material, splice it into the machine, and hit the run button. Then you see them

The Great Span Length Debate | Part 2

Last month, we debated roller spacing (a.k.a. web span length) relative to cost, safety, out-of-plane deviations from gravity, bagginess, and misalignment. Let's continue the debate.

CAC Celebrates 35th Year

WIND GAP, PA Converter Accessory Corp. (CAC), founded in 1974, is enjoying its 35th anniversary this year. Says Jeff Damour, My father, Larry Damour,

Crowning Benefits

Many industrial manufacturers rely on crowned rollers. A crown is a shape or diameter profile necessary to compensate for deflection and obtain uniform nip pressure distribution

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