Dead On Slit Rolls

When is overkill good? When you need to go beyond what's normally required. "We're there," says RTG Films, Chalfont, PA. With Deacro, it jumped into precision slitting and now gives its customers... DEAD ON Slit Rolls

Stripe Slitting: The Challenge of Staying within the Lines

Lines make life more difficult. Remember coloring as a child. At first it was just you, your crayons, white paper, and free expression. Life was easy.

Strand Tracking Problems on Your Slitter/Rewinder

A slitter/rewinder has two goals: Divide the web into strands (slitting); and create uniform individual rolls (winding). This plan has three potential

Cutting to the Chase

As Chase & Sons broadens its facility and capabilities, the converter eliminates tension control problems by replacing chucks and rollers with new products from Double E Co.

Slitter Cuts Changeover Time

Brand Packaging Ltd., one of the U.K.'s largest privately owned manufacturers of flexible packaging materials, is getting big results with its recent

High & Dry

Metlon Corp. has eliminated downtime on its high-precision slitting machines thanks to a new Balston air dryer from Parker Hannifin.

Slitting Adhesive-Coated, Low-Strength Films

Low-strength films, such PE or cast PP, sometimes are coated with an adhesive and slit into customer-sized rolls. Low-strength films do not have sharply

New Materials Extend Wearability and Blade Life

Whatever your slitting method, blade life can be improved dramatically if you have the right knife in the right holder, properly angled, explains Keith

K Show Coming Attractions: Goebel Slitter/Rewinder and EREMA Booth Highlights

The K Show is slated for October 25 to November 1, 2001, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

UCB Films Invests in Valmet Atlas Slitter and Millions for Belgium BOPP Plant

UCB films is taking slitting to another level with its new state-of-the-art slitting facility and a Valmet slitter, says the companyl; it's invested €2.6 million ($2.37 million US) into its BOPP production plant at Merelbeke, Ghent.

Slitting Survey

The slitter. It is (almost) ever-present and often taken for granted.

Slitter Savvy: The Art of Winding Good Rolls

While you can't make paper or other products on the slitter/winder, it is every winder operator's job to ensure that web defects are not amplified during the slitting/rewinding operation.

Slitter Savvy: Visual Roll Defects & Remedies

Poor starts: There are obvious differences in appearance between the paper near the core and the remainder of the roll. Remedies: Tighten web before fastening

When You Say ''Converted Products,'' You've Said It All

Converted Products Inc. does just that: It converts a great many products, from paper to film to foil to nonwovens to pressure-sensitive materials. And Shanks Converting Equipment has made it all possible.

The Missing Link: Plastics History Leads to Packaging

From fake flowers to hygienic-paper packaging, Germany's Böhme family has been in plastics for nearly 50 years. For almost as long, the company has linked its print quality to Fischer & Krecke presses.
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Appleton Mfg Custom Slabber for Nonwovens

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