European Ink Portfolio Is Announced


Flint Group's Packaging Inks Div. has completed a European project to identify the “Best of 4” solutions for all standard application areas to bring the best formulations to all customers. Part of the project was to develop a single informative ink naming concept. The result is a European Standard Portfolio of solvent-based inks for packaging applications. The product package includes European standard ink series as well as individually formulated and designed specialty inks. The solvent-based standard range includes six main technology types:

  • PluriRange nitrocellulose-based inks for gravure printing;
  • FlexiRange nitrocellulose-based inks for flexo;
  • MultiRange PVB-based ink systems for gravure and flexo;
  • ElioRange PVC resin-based inks for gravure;
  • ProRange CAP-based inks for gravure and flexo;
  • SentryRange inks, whites, lacquers, and primers designed for the tobacco packaging industry.

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