Gallus ECS 340 Road Show Opens in Atlanta

PHILADELPHIA, PA | Gallus Inc. opened its US Road Show to introduce the Gallus ECS 340 label printing press to the North American marketplace, with its first stop in Atlanta, GA. The ECS 340 was introduced as “The Rock Press” at the Labelexpo Americas show held Sept. 14—16 in Rosemont (Chicago), IL. The press will be introduced further throughout America “one stop at a time,” but the Atlanta destination was chosen because of particular interest from a potential customer who saw what he liked at Labelexpo and wanted to spend more time learning about its unique advantages.

Everything about the Gallus ECS 340 reportedly is designed to help label printers save money without compromising printing quality, according to the company. It is said an affordable flexographic press with a technical granite core, and it features easy setup and a very short web path for cost-efficient, high quality commercial label printing, Gallus reports.

The ECS 340 has individual servo drives, effortless registration and front-loading sleeve systems to dramatically cut labor and material waste. In addition, the technical granite core, along with an integral water cooling system, is said to give the press a long service life and make it quieter and more stable than any other press in its class.

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