Color-Logic & Beta Industries Partner to Measure Color


WEST CHESTER, OH | Color-Logic and Beta Industries have partnered to provide printers with what they say is reliable, economical color measurement of Color-Logic files and images.

Color-Logic director of sales and marketing Mark Geeves says, “Beta Industries’ Presto and Presto Delta E densitometers have been tested extensively in the Color-Logic laboratories and have been found to comply with [our] certification standards. The polarization characteristics of the Beta Industries devices provide the accurate color readings necessary for reliable printing of Color-Logic files. We are pleased to recommend the Beta Industries Presto and Presto Delta E densitometers to our users.”

Adds Stuart Serchuk, Beta Industries director of sales and marketing, “At Beta Industries, we pride ourselves on offering the latest in instrumentation, and in being responsive to the most current printing technology. Our partnership with Color-Logic typifies that commitment Our partnership with Color-Logic typifies that commitment, with our Presto and Presto Delta E color reflection densitometers now being certified for use with the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System.”

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