Rogers Awarded by Chinese Government

ROGERS, CT | Rogers Corp. recently received two award honors from the Chinese government.

The first award, “Level A Credit Company for Labor Security,” was given to Rogers for its labor compliance and positive management of its employees. The award is based on Rogers having met or exceeded labor compliance requirements during the past two years, including cooperation with the local Chinese labor union.

The second award, “Jiangsu Provincial May 1, 2010, Honorary Labor Medal,” was given to Rogers' VP of Asia, Michael Sehnert, by the Jiangsu Labor Union Bureau for outstanding performance, achievement, and contribution to society in Jiangsu Province.

Rogers president and CEO Robert D. Wachob says, “Forging an enduring presence and partnering with local businesses, governments, and communities has always been the path to success for global companies operating in China. This has certainly been the case with Rogers.”

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