Film Line Saves Time, Money

Irvine, CA | B. Braun, a global supplier of healthcare products, has improved the economies of film processing with the installation of a new Davis-Standard Integrator C control system at its Plastics Business Unit in Irvine.

“The film line receiving the Integrator runs 80 percent of our internal needs. We knew it needed upgrades; at one time we thought we might have to replace the entire line,” says John Taylor, manufacturing manager, B. Braun's Plastics Business Unit. “With the Integrator, we solved performance issues while saving time and money. We kept our downtime to a minimum and were able to boost the line's performance for the price of a control unit.”

B. Braun project engineer Mark Tanouye, who was responsible for this project, has been very impressed by the Integrator's performance. “The Integrator C has very intuitive screens, it is easy to understand, and it aids in troubleshooting,” he says, adding, “Davis-Standard's personnel were very responsive during the entire process.…”

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