Demand for Pouches to Reach $7.9 Billion in 2012

CLEVELAND, OH | Freedonia Group’s new Pouches study predicts demand in the US will climb 6.1%/yr to $7.9 billion by 2012. Accounting for this impressive figure will be stimulation provided by robust growth for stand-up pouches and healthy gains for flat pouches in a number of markets. Unit demand is expected to increase 4.6% yearly to 89 billion. Pouches (especially stand-up types), according to a report summary, will continue to expand their presence over many other types of packaging based on superior qualities, including esthetic appeal, reclosable components, portability, light weight, and reduced material use.

Through 2012, stand-up pouch demand is anticipated to increase almost 10% annually. While common, stand-up pouches are still considered distinctive in appearance, and demand for them will benefit from the presence of convenience features as well as the emergence of new applications and product types, such as flat-bottomed, side-gusseted pouches. Stand-up pouch advantages will be favored for economic and environmental reasons with lower production costs and considerably reduced shipping costs.

The study further predicts demand for flat pouches will be led by above-average gains for four-side-seal pouches in medical and pharmaceutical markets and food applications. Flat pouch advances will also be supported by a rapidly expanding market for stick pouches (small tube-shaped pouches) with single-portion packages of products such as drink mixes, candy, and sweeteners. Further anticipated are increased line speeds to lower production costs thus making pouches more competitive with such packaging as cartons and cans.

The study says food and beverage markets, accounting for 78% of demand in 2007, should post healthy growth through 2012. Cost for the study is $4,700 and is available by visiting

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