Valron Cures Bayer's Headache

ROCHESTER, NY & HOUSTON, TX, USA—Valéron Strength Films says a "revolutionary" new package structure, containing the manufacturer's film, has been developed by the American Packaging Corp., Rochester, NY. According to Valéron, the new structure solved Bayer Corp.'s problem of complaints resulting from torn or punctured 50-lb bags of granular insecticide.

"The insecticide is used to combat major corn soil insect pests," says Valéron. "Packaged in 50-lb bags and loaded onto pallets, the packages were subjected to multiple handling [situations] due to changes in distribution and palletization methods. This increased damaged bag claims. American Packaging began looking for alternative materials to the PET/Nylon structure," the co. adds.

"Valéron was clearly the film of choice," says Richard Black, American Packaging's business development manager, flexo printing and preformed products. "The strength of Valéron allowed us to beef up structure and eliminate our customers' complaints of torn, punctured, and burst bags."

By using Valéron Strength Film in addition to Nylon, American Packaging reportedly was able to meet the demanding distribution requirements for tear and puncture resistance, while supplying Bayer with the package needed for the marketplace.

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