Davis-Standard Chinaplas Exhibit To Offer Expert Advise

FULTON, NY | Davis-Standard's exhibit at Chinaplas 2010, to be held April 19—22, in Shanghai, will feature a team of flexible packaging, converting, and extrusion experts available to discuss the company's extensive product offerings. Information from the company's Converting Systems and Extrusion Systems groups will be available on such topics as cast film, extrusion lamination, fabric coating, liquid coating and laminating, blown film, blow molding, pelletizing, tubing, and sheet product lines.

Of special interest to the Chinese market is Davis-Standard's recent agreement with NO.EL srl (www.noel-automation.com) of Italy. Davis-Standard and NO.EL jointly supply inline coreless stretch film systems to the converting industry, offering high-speed coreless and pre-stretch film systems in widths up to 120 in. Equipment solutions for in-line coreless and thin core winding of conventional stretch film, as well as inline pre-stretching, are available.

Using this equipment, processors can manufacture multiple rolls of slit film using bleed-trim or bleed-less technologies. NO.EL's patented inline coreless winders enable processors to produce conventional cast stretch film for hand and/or machine wrap at speeds up to 2,240 fpm in widths from 40 to 120 in. This is said essential for pre-stretch film applications to produce thinner films of 7 to 8 microns, and to ensure the line's potential extrusion capacity without sacrificing output.

Other film equipment includes machinery for hygienic, oxygen barrier, optical, medical and CPP films.  Wide fabric coating/laminating machines are engineered for house wrap, tarpaulins, temporary shelters and geomembrane applications. Liquid coating and laminating machines feature patented pressurized gravure head (PGH) technology for window protection and optical films, release and adhesive tapes, and special laminated products that add value to commodity-oriented films.

For more information prior to the show, visit the Converting Systems website or the Extrusion Systems website.

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