Yerecic Label Installs 12-Color Mark Andy Performance Series Press

ST. LOUIS, MO | Yerecic Label, a leading on-pack label and coupon manufacturer, has installed a new Mark Andy Performance Series P7. The purchase supports the company's lean initiatives, streamlining their production processes so they “don't waste time, energy or materials, giving their customers quality product at the best possible value.”

Located in Yerecic's New Kensington, Pa, plant, the P7 is a 12-color, 17-in. press featuring a high level of custom configuration. It was built specifically to meet Yerecic's multi-web application and lamination demands. The press features the Performance Series designed rail system for web turn bar and laminator, a custom delamination and relamination kit, high-efficiency hot air drying system and moveable UV curing.  

Primarily purchased to add capacity and improve efficiencies over existing equipment, the P7 was selected because of its open architecture, quick changeovers and print capabilities, the company reports. The P7 is also equipped to allow Yerecic to expand its product lines into thin unsupported films and is fully upgradeable to accommodate future requirements.  

"We are pleased with the P7's ability to handle multi-layer constructions,” states Art Yerecic, president of Yerecic Label. “The print stations and webs are very accessible. Mark Andy has successfully met the challenge to deliver a press with lean attributes. We expect to significantly lower waste and increase throughput. Our press teams have found the Performance Series design to be easy to learn and operator-friendly.”

Paul Brauss, president and CEO of Mark Andy, comments: "The amount of interest and orders for the Performance Series reinforces that we are meeting the technology and operator needs of flexo printers. I am proud of the Mark Andy team who diligently stay focused on top 'customer' issues to bring the best press to market. Yerecic is a valued customer and we are extremely proud to support them in all of their endeavors."  

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