Mohawk Listed in Metafore's Environmental Paper Assessment Tool

COHOES, NY | Mohawk Fine Papers is now a featured supplier in Metafore, Inc.'s Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT). The EPAT, developed by Metafore and the Paper Working Group, is a web-based evaluation tool that provides buyers and sellers of paper products a consistent language and framework to evaluate and select environmentally preferable paper. The EPAT was designed with the goal of making environmentally responsible paper more widely available and affordable.

For Mohawk, this means that businesses looking to purchase environmentally responsible paper can utilize the EPAT to explore the environmental benefits of Mohawk's paper products. Companies that already use EPAT include Bank of America Corp., Best Buy, FedEx, Staples, and Starbucks Corp., to name a few. To view an extensive list of buyers and sellers, visit EPAT's Featured Participant page.

The EPAT is described as comprehensive and user-friendly. It uses 20 performance indicators in its evaluation, which include efficient use and conservation of raw materials, minimization of waste, clean production, and community and human well-being, among others. The EPAT does not determine which papers are “good” or “bad,” but rather gives businesses a comprehensive analysis so that they may choose paper products that coincide with their own environmental goals. Companies determine their environmental priorities and weigh the performance indicators accordingly, resulting in a report that is completely unique to that company's paper product needs.

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