Mark Andy Acquired By MAI Holdings

ST. LOUIS, MO -- Mark Andy Inc., a world leader in narrow and mid-web printing equipment and UV curing systems, has been acquired by newly formed MAI Holdings, held by American Industrial Partners Capital Fund IV, L.P. (“AIP”). Finalized on Oct. 8, 2008, the acquisition is part of a planned strategy to strengthen Mark Andy’s position and foster continued growth as a global leader in printing machine manufacturing.

The management and operational structure of Mark Andy Inc. will not change, and with increased ownership, the team is better positioned to meet the demands of their market and industry, the company reports. The impact of this transition will be transparent to the company’s customers and market.

Mark Andy continues to build a strong foundation of product offerings and global operational improvements, which has driven success for the company and its brands. This solid position has given Mark Andy Inc. a high level of exposure throughout investment circles. Over 5,000 Mark Andy and Comco machines are currently installed globally.

"Growing aftermarket business and new demand in emerging markets such as India, China, and Eastern Europe will continue to drive progress at Mark Andy Inc.,” says CEO Paul Brauss. “We look forward to working with the American Industrial Partners team, and have chartered a powerful future plan and agenda focused on developing new technology, expanding our customer support and aftermarket, and synergistic acquisitions. The Mark Andy team is very pleased to be part of the ownership group. We are investing in our future."

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